Get Involved!

There are many ways you can help this project succeed. At this time the project needs social media activists and project organizers. 

Social Media Activists

Help us spread the word about this important work! Be a social media voice for the women of SWM. Fourteen 14 million people in Tanzania don’t have access to safe drinking water and every year, and 7,000 Tanzanian children die from diarrhea due to unsafe drinking water. When children are sick they are unable to receive an education and families who are already living in poverty must buy expensive medicine.

Most people in the Mara Region of Tanzania do not process water in any way, and those who do often boil it. Boiling water does not kill all the bacteria in water and requires firewood and extensive amounts of time and attention. Ceramic water filters are desperately needed as an affordable long-term solution to Tanzania’s crisis of unsafe drinking water.

Become a Contributor

You can make a big difference by making a contribution through the Tanzania Development Support foundation (TDS). Your contribution is tax deductible as a charitable contribution. TDS supports a variety of projects designed to improve the quality of life in Tanzania's Mara region, particularly for youth and girls.

You can register your financial support at the TDS main website.

Note: In order to make your contribution, you'll be taken to the TDS main contributors' page at This allows us to manage support for all TDS projects in one place. Be sure to use the pulldown field to indicate that your gift should be applied to the Safe Water Mugango project.